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Musical.ly's fan videos of rick and morty are pure cancer.If you have a yellow shirt,you're NOT fucking Morty.If you have blue hair,you're NOT FUCKING RICK.Don't make me start about Pickle Rick.It's the symbol of normies.

Happy Madness day!

2017-09-22 04:57:28 by Epicminion


So when is PN2 coming out?

2017-09-02 04:58:22 by Epicminion

I heard that Madness Combat PN2 is coming out,but when?

Fuck my life

2017-08-29 02:42:13 by Epicminion

Fuck my shitty life...

Back from Greece!

2017-08-24 01:44:16 by Epicminion

Well,'ello!I'm back from Greece!

Check out my channel!

2017-06-13 09:30:53 by Epicminion

Hey you,yes,you,can you check out my channel Gospodin cov3k?


Which Game?

2017-03-21 09:09:00 by Epicminion

Hello,im looking for a free windows 7 game.Can you say your favorites?

Im Not Dead

2017-03-20 07:45:39 by Epicminion

The title says it all,im not dead,it was Coco34 that asked me recently ''are you dead?''. No,im not dead,im just offline 'cause NG did bore me a bit,but in end of spring (two months :P) ,i will be online the WHOLE summer,okay,not whole,but i will be online :)

Its my Birthday!

2017-01-16 02:45:11 by Epicminion

Its my Birthday,everyone!


2017-01-10 02:01:47 by Epicminion

In my country,it was snowing all day.What's this?Poland?